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This place is amazing - I went there just last week and got what I needed in no time! In short: Staff: 5/5! Very Honest, Friendly and Professional. They answered all my questions.
Price: After going to 3 different nearby places this place had the most affordable price
Service: Amazing service - Great quality work! Got what I needed in no time.

Overall: On a scale from 0 to 5 I would rate them as 5+ !

Ted, Chicago, IL


In short, these guys are honest, friendly and professional. They do great, clean work, at a price you can afford. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Paul T, Oak Law, IL


These people are so honest and professional.  They charged 50% of what another shop quoted for the exact same problem.  A friend has been using them for years, and now I will never use another mechanic.  I was so impressed by this place- especially since its so hard to trust mechanics.  My experience there was wonderful.

KELLEY R., Chicago, IL


This place is about a block from my house; always a bonus when you're without a car.  I've had only one experience so far, but it was EXCELLENT.

The staff are VERY nice, the place was immaculate, a good sign with any business.  And they didn't pull the upsell, you-need-this-and-that bullshit so common with auto repair places (maybe cuz I have a 21 year-old car and I'm unemployed, they could smell the poverty).

I took my ancient BMW in because the transmission was slipping badly and it also needed an oil change.  I knew if the trans was dead, the car was going bye-bye, I figured this would be the case.  They changed the oil and also the trans fluid, filter and gasket.  Total bill, a lil over $150, WAY better than I expected.  This was a few weeks ago, and the car is still running like buttah (for a German car w/150k miles and old enough to have graduated college).  Thanks guys, I'll be back.

Geoff H. Chicago, IL


After getting brake repair quotes from Pep Boys and few other places around the neighborhood these guys gave me a great estimate.  I read some of the previous reviews on Yelp and decided to give them a shot.  

I don't have a ton of experience dealing with mechanics personally but I felt that these guys were very honest.  They took me to my car and showed me exactly what was wrong with the rotors and explained it in plain English.  I never felt like they were going to try and push unnecessary repairs on me.  They did the fix in the time they said and my car was ready by the time I came back from lunch.  The final price was more than the quote but I'll give them a pass because I think they misheard me on the phone.  It was still significantly less than the other guys.

As of right now, these guys will be getting my future car repair business.

Jason c. Chicago, IL


When I walk into a repair shop I'd say most of the time they only see me for dollar signs $$$. What can I say, I'm a slight little chick. Truth is, though, that I'm the daughter of a car dealer hailing straight from Detroit and have motor oil running through my veins. I wouldn't recommend any other garage in Chicago: they definitely take pride in what they do!

A+ indeed!

April F. Chicago, IL


These guys are honest and do quality work.  My wife and I have been going to Sam and his team for many years, from when we were in grad school and driving old jalopies to today. Because we are so satisfied we continue to drive to their North Ave facility from our home in Oak Park (we used to live in Lakeview and went to their shop on Clark St back in the day.) Keep in mind that they're generalists and not necessarily experts on all models (unlike your expensive dealer)-- they're great nonetheless for some of your basic and not-so-basic repairs and tune-ups.

Jim B., Chicago, IL